Cardinal - DPF-based Rack wrapper (VST, LV2, JACK, WASM)

I tried the web version and found it completely unusable - there was a mismatch between where my cursor was on the screen and what I was apparently clicking on - so when I’m in the module browser and click on a module to select it, a completely different module ends up in the patch, and when right clicking on a module in the main window, I’m getting settings for a different module, or maybe the background which opens the module browser… Great idea but…

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Re-skin was necessary because of license restrictions. Intentionally the width is kept the same as the original modules, but obviously the placement of sockets and knobs had to be different as to not be too similar to the original designs.

It’s a compromise, but a better alternative than not having these modules at all. I think they are totally functional and by now I tend to use other vendors’ modules over the Fundamental ones anyway.

Now, contributions from the community to improve designs, code and functionality are appreciated of course. However it’s much easier to complain than to contribute :wink:

@nnnegazul I don’t think I’ve ever read such a melodramatic post on the forum, lighten up man. You clearly go around life having unrealistic expectations, just setting yourself up for failure. But I’m glad you are happy with the Pro version, it’s meant to give the “full” experience that you are expecting.

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Once again insulting everyone who wants to support the original developer of VCV Rack and has bought the Pro version…

To paraphrase: “You’re melodramatic, you need to lighten up, you have unrealistic expectations and you set yourself up for failure - Rack Pro was made for people like you.”

To put it another way: “You want stuff to actually work? - Rack Pro was made for people like you.”

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Well, I took time to write with such detail because I found this little adventure hilarious. You missed the “x)”, obviously

I’m autistic so my mood can casually go savage for whatever reason, habit-changing stuff is the villain of my life unfortunately. And, yes, I expected VST2 version to work cuz it is actually said on Github that it’s available and VST3 version is experimental. It is not unrealistic.

And in fact, I said a lot of good stuff about Cardinal that you missed to just take the bad stuff as an excuse to flame a stranger online for no other reason than you don’t like what I said, and you needed to shit on VCV Pro users. I said that I understand it’s ongoing and not finished, that I could use the keyboard without latency and connect modules, which means that core functions work as intended, and nowhere, absolutely nowhere, I said something close to “I will never file a bug report” dude. I report stuff when I got time to use it in depth, not like these days.

And to be honest, such a broken thing, on a clean install with almost nothing on my hard disk, i’m obviously not alone to get this, so the issue will be reported way before I have the chance to spend more than 30 minutes on music software.

Won’t make heat out of this petty stuff, it doesn’t belong here. Chill out

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Yeah, I think mine were gpl3 and they require gpl 3+?

Indeed, it is intended for the plugin to have future compatibility, so the + is required. Everything is statically compiled into a single binary, so everything has to be compatible with the main Rack source license, which is GPLv3+.

@nnnegazul I think there are varying definitions of “work” here. There are many DAWs and Operating Systems and bugs exist. If they get reported, they maybe can be solved. It’s as simple as that. So far any kind of bugs like this are very niche to specific DAWs and OSes. For most people it just works™. The same thing holds for Rack2Pro, some people experience very specific bugs, if they get reported they maybe can be solved.

Now if you expect “premium” (I assume you mean “closed”?) plugins to be included in an opensource project then you don’t understand how software works. That’s ok, but again setting yourself up for failure. It’s clearly explained how the project works and what can and cannot be included. This very explicitly says that closed and incompatibly licensed projects are not a part of it. The wiki does include a list of potential modules that may be included in the future.

If you want the exact same features as Rack2Pro then of course you should buy that!

I would suggest folk seek to manage their expectations, and if someone talks about rage, realise it could only really be at their own expectations (even if it appears they are projecting externally), there’s no need to get upset at that (i.e. at your own expectation), it just creates a feedback loop. Listen to the needs not the words, so recommends NVC.


Once again, assuming stuff and lecturing me. So I thought about it, I begin to understand a little bit how you could be upset about my post, as a software engineer etc. Even tho it was a funny post to write, wouldn’t expect to upset people.

So, I never expected anything besides “hey let’s try that”. As I already stated, it was not the right tool at the right moment, who cares. There’s a big difference between trying a tool on my free time to get some music done and failing in life, fortunately

I won’t expect it to have premium modules (not “closed”, paid for) in an open source and free project, it just strucked me cuz I loaded a random patch full of those instead of creating a new project. Next, how the fuck could I want the exact features in Cardinal than in Rack ? I didn’t expect it to behave like Rack, as it’s clearly stated that it won’t : and you keep thinking that I will use Rack OR Cardinal just because it’s not polished, which is not the case. As I said but it seems it didn’t reach your eyes, it’s cool to have an alternative to VCV. Also I can try Aria’s modules, which is another reason.

Anyway, trying to lecture me inside a neurotypical framework is setting yourself up to failure.


Ok, so you think I blame Cardinal for being upset ? Hmm that explains the fuss. Dude I can be upset because somebody talked a bit too loud, that’s called a meltdown, in actually useful books about psychiatry and autism, not NVC. Tho I admit I learned a few useful tricks from these guys back in the day.

But I think indeed, folk will benefit from your suggestion, as getting angry at some stranger is not the best way to introduce people to the software you believe into

That being said, a Discord could be useful for users to share stuff about Cardinal or reach the devs, users won’t necessarily come to IRC and Discord is pretty common these days.


There’s now which is a very cut down version of the above for quicker loading.

Re Discord; my personal preference, as a leftie FOSS advocate, is to divest my time and energy from propriatory systems as much as possible, to try ratchet my life away from them. falkTX is of the same mind. Also, as they are not short of things they would like to do with Cardinal, as well as other projects, having a load more folk interested but bugging them for help and/or requests would not be as fun for them.


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