Captured the Install Process of RackPro 2.1.2 and found something i want to ask about


one the way to find a solution why i cant install RackPro 2.1.2 on my Win 10 for some month now, i captured the Process via procmon from Windows Sysinternal Tool.

Unable to install VCV Rack 2.0.0 on Windows 10 - #30 by nowism

Anything what has to do with RackPro is filtered out.

I want to ask about the ENVIRONMENT, in the beginning of the Process.

What has the Process to do with:

OneDrive=C:\Users\cccc\OneDrive___dont have it, dont use it

FPS_BROWSER_APP_PROFILE_STRING=Internet Explorer ____i dont use it, never

OPCODE6DIR64=T:\My-Folder\Production\Plugins\Expanse ____at this place is nothing i only have

C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Lifeline Expanse.vst3\x86_64-win\Lifeline Expanse.vst3 as a Plugin

Path=C:...C:\Program Files\Imaginando\VS ____its an Visual VST Plugin i install

VBOX_MSI_INSTALL_PATH=C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\____why ever , i have it but dont use it

So, this looks pretty random and i dont know if this is all “needed” in that install process, that always is failed.

Thanks for any explanation.

Is it possible that these environment variance have nothing to do with vcv?

Yes (because the tool captures all) it can be but i dont know why it is associated with Rack Pro. i just filtered the Key Word “Rack Pro”. The original looks like that:

20:13:15,0066632	RackPro-2.1.2-win.exe	10988	Process Start		SUCCESS	Parent PID: 4400, Command line: "C:\Users\cccc\Desktop\RackPro-2.1.2-win.exe" , Current directory: C:\Users\cccc\Desktop\, Environment: 
	CommonProgramFiles=C:\Program Files\Common Files

But yes it looks random ^^, Maybe =::=:: has nothing to do with the Install Process. But also has no Time Stamp

This is just your user environment that every program run by you inherits. The stuff you’re wondering about is the crap that Microsoft automatically shoves down your throat, because e.g. they really, REALLY would like you to use OneDrive, whether you like it or not. They’ve become really aggresive about it, to the point of reading reports from people that with one click in an obscure dialogue they show you, they migrate all your documents to OneDrive. You should check that on your machine. Rack really doesn’t like things being on OneDrive (or Dropbox, etc.).

Are you sure you don’t have it? As it is in your environment variables windows thinks it is still there. Have you explicitly removed it in the past? So are you saying this path doesn’t exist C:\Users\cccc\OneDrive?

Is it just a string filtering issue? Most of the things you’ve called out include some variation of “pro” - profile, program, production.