Cant update to 1.1.5

Output folder: C:\Program Files\Rack
Extract: Core.json
Extract: LICENSE-GPLv3.txt
Extract: LICENSE-dist.txt
Can't write: C:\Program Files\Rack\Rack.exe

...and thats all folks. i uninstalled previous versions and cleaned registry etc to see if i could get a clean instal - nope - nor can i now instal back to 1.1.3 which worked fine

Instead of double clicking the installer,right click and choose “Run As Administrator.”

no idea how you got into file permissions hell.


That didn’t work but u pointed me in right direction, have spent most of today in purgatory aka windows permissions settings, still not sorted but I’ll crack it :grin:


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Hiya muwkuu, how’d ya get it sorted? I’ma stuck, thanks in advance!

Sorted! I right-clicked the .exe and selected “Troubleshoot compatibility”, it changed the mode to Win 8 (!) and installed without issue.

The joys of windows eh? My issue was permissions, somehow my entire program files folder was read only

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