Can't slope

Please, is there a way to generate a one-shot function (with adjustable control over rise and fall times) from a trigger with Patchable Devices Dual Integrator? I already read through the manual but perhaps I’m missing something…

Do you really need this thing to do that? I think Rampage would work better instead. If I understood everything correctly, you just need an envelope that starts on a trigger and then goes up and down with variable (CV controlled) rise and fall times. Which is exactly what Rampage is made for, I think…


Hi, Andre_M! Well, I don’t need it to do that… I just want to learn this specific module better. Like I said, I’m looking for some patching tricks I might have missed. But you’re right, I absolutely don’t need one module to do it all. And Rampage is great. Thanks!

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Found a workaround. By patching the trigger/gate into both IN and one of the RATE CV inputs (preferably the one with the attenuverter), it’s possible to adjust the rise time. If first you offset the trigger/gate so as to make it bipolar, you can adjust both rise and fall times. In this configuration, if the rate is slower than the trigger/gate the amplitude will decrease. That means the duration of the envelope is dependent on the duration of the input (like on a typical gate envelope), and it won’t complete full cycle. To change that, send the trigger/gate through an SR flip flop, then have a comparator reset it when the slope reaches its peak. The diagram below by navs explains how a simple AD envelope works:

It’s also possible to have shark fin envelopes by feeding the OUT back into the RATE CV through a polarizer, where it is multiplied by the offset bipolar trigger/gate:

It’s a bit convoluted and definitely unnecessary, but I’m glad it works. I would love to know if this can be done on a Serge SSG and on the modules it inspired, such as the Toppobrillo Sport Modulator 2.