can't resize vst window

I’m in Ableton 11 and the VST window for VCV is big, but VCV is only in 1/4 of it… i can’t find a way to resize it… any ideas how to fix?

I just had this issue, so maybe I can help.

Try to resize the large mainly black vst window, by grabbing the bottom right corner, once you start to resize hopefully Rack will suddenly render correctly, showing the resize tag.

This happens in Bitwig also. If you take Ableton out of full screens mode it make work as expected. That’s how it is in Bitwig.

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great thanks… ableton wasnt in full screen (but that gave me an idea!) and if I tried to grab the window it would quickly close, there was no resize handle on the outer edge…

I did manage to fix it for anyone else who gets this issue too… I think it was something to do with having a 2nd monitor… I put ableton on the 2nd monitor, made it full screen then VCV became the full size within the VST window… must be some sort of bug me thinks