Can't open old racks on a new computer


I’m (re)new on VCV and I want to open old vcv-files on a mac-book (instead of a PC). But the opened racks are empty. I think there are missing some plugins and/or modules, for example I can’t find the VCO-1 from VCV. I think this is a very basic question but I can’t find the VCO-1 in Library and/or I don’t know how to include the VCO-1. Is there anybody who can help me with this?

These are some of the modules I need for my rack.

(I hope you can understand my “germanenglish”…)

Your screenshot looks like Rack v1.

VCO-1 is VCO in Rack v2.

You can also install Rack v1.1.6 to run old patches listing directory /downloads/

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May be I should have mentioned to mi rack… this might be the problem: paying 10,99 $ instead of using it free brings more problems…

@Ahornberg thanx for your advice - now everything works fine!