Can't Map Launchpad Pro MK3 to VCV Rack

I recently replaced my Launchpad X with a Launchpad Pro MK3.

On the Launchpad X, I used Stoermelder’s MIDI CAT to map Launchpad X’s pads to VCV module buttons (really useful with MinMeld’s Patchmaster). It worked flawlessly straight out of the box on the X’s four custom mode banks, without any configuration.

But with my new Launchpad Pro MK3, MIDI CAT doesn’t register MIDI signals from the Launchpad pads (nor does MIDI MON). I’ve tried creating various MIDI custom modes in Launchpad using notes and cc, to no avail. MIDI CAT also lists two different in channels from Launchpad (3 and 4), but matching channels (e.g. 4 on the Launchpad to 4 on MIDI CAT) doesn’t work. VCV Rack MIDI Map also doesn’t work. The Launchpad is plugged directly into my laptop and is not in USB setup mode.

I can map the pads to VCV Pro in Ableton using Ableton’s MIDI mapping, but I prefer VCV standalone.

I’m at wit’s end, as using the old Launchpad as a switch bank was a big part of my setup (I know, of all the things to use a Launchpad for–a big button/switch/gate/toggle bank). I’ve been through the manual with lemon juice and X-ray glasses and the big Google machine points to troubleshooting I’ve already attempted.