Can't manage to build my own Plugin

Hello everyone,

I got some basic C++ understanding (started to hack some firmware on DaisyDSP recently) and managed to develop a module in VCV a while ago (nothing finished so I never released in the plugin library)

I’d like to develop an alternative firmware for Stages (hardware version) and what’s better to try and experiment than the VCV ecosystem?

So I’ve downloaded again the RackSDK installed everything, and managed to build the Example Plugin

But still can’t manage to install a freshly created Plugin with the Stages.svg (I’ve used the one from AudibleInstruments and change some colors and components naming). Everything seems to be built correctly (no error in terminal) but there’s no trace, errors or any log about the Plugin in the log.txt file (found traces of the other plugin I’ve built before)

Here is a Drive with what I tried to build: - Google Drive

if someone could be kind enough to try, or if anyone already has that kind of problem could help me.

Many thanks, and hope to resolve this problem to quickly share with you this new take on Stage!


Are you on Windows? For me on Win11, OneDrive enabled, make install doesn’t copy the built .vcvplugin to the right folder, so Rack doesn’t see it (or at least, not immediately). I work around this with a cheezy mingw bash alias to install the built plugin.

You can make dist, then manually copy the generated .vcvplugin file to Rack’s plugins folder. Or, you can just copy your plugin folder directly (and say yes to overwrite when prompted).

In my environment, I don’t use the Rack SDK. I build Rack from source in debug mode and run/debug from VSCode, and only do final testing in the installed retail Rack.

isn’t there some make install option? In any case, most dev’s build VCV, then build the plugins under it, which voids this issue entirely. using the downloadable SDK is not as good. imao.

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There is make install, but for me on Windows with OneDrive, it copies the .vcvpackage to the wrong folder, and Rack doesn’t find it.

I agree with Squinky - better to build Rack from source and run from your build rather than your retail install. If you want to test in combination with other plugins, you must either build them from source, or simply copy them from your retail install into your dev build.