Can't get audio into vcv or midi out from vcv

What I’m trying to do here is send cv from IONS to CV-MIDI, and then out to my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 to be sent via midi to an external synth. I then want the audio from the external synth to be sent back into the 2i4 and back into VCV through the Audio-8 so I can manipulate it with effects within VCV. I’m having two issues: one is that midi is not being sent out, my 2i4’s midi activity indicator LEDs are not even flashing. The other is that I cannot seem to get the audio from my 2i4 back into vcv, the Audio-8 “from device” outputs are simply silent. I have tried creating a second Audio-8 for input (suggestion from the vcv discord), and after a few crashes have concluded that this doesn’t work either. I have also tested audio from a USB mic instead of the 2i4 and VCV is still not picking up any audio. Any suggestions?

Hello Eli-Rosenkim,
is midi-out and audio-in working from any audio application or DAW?

I think you should also connect the gate out from SEQ-3 to the gate in on the CV-MIDI module to trigger the synth.

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Oh, you’re right. That might most probably the issue.

Thanks, that fixed the midi, but I still cannot get any audio into vcv.

audio in is working fine on ableton live

Hi @Eli-Rosenkim,

Any chance you are on a newer version of MacOS like Mojave? I mention this because I ran into a very similar issue with audio in after upgrading to 10.14.

I needed to “grant access to the microphone” for Rack in order to receive audio from my interface (which happened to be a 2i2). I believe that the newest distribution of Rack requests microphone access on Mac.

Just thought I would throw that out there :slight_smile:

I am running Mojave, but upon checking my system preferences it seems like Rack already has permission to use the mic, thanks for the suggestion