Can't find bridge vst

Hi, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I’ve recently installed VCV Rack on to my macbook pro that’s running high Sierra. The standalone Rack works just great but I can’t find the ‘bridge’ component so that I can run it inside Ableton. Is there a seperate installer for this?, and iso, where? Many thanks in advnace Jonathan

The bridge plugin has been deprecated and is no longer supported. (You may be able to get it by downloading a Rack version below 1.)

Hi Xenakios, thanks for the speedy reply. Does this mean that rack won’t run inside any other DAW or is there another solution? Cheers Jonathan

This is explained pretty clearly in the FAQ. VCV Manual - Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Andrew, thanks for the link.

Does the new bridge works with the Mac version of reason 12??? Is there some problem with M1 and bridge??? I would like to upgrade but this is my situation. I need to know if VSt bridge works for M1 mac, Reason 12, and for Native M1 apps like Garage Band… maybe also Vcv Rack 2 needs to be M1 native??? I know Reason not M1 native won’t work inside Garageband on my M1…

I just upgraded Reason to 12 in the hope we get M1 native conversion by the end of the year…

There is no bridge, only a plugin wrapper. Since supporting ARM architecture means rebuilding the entire library this is anything but trivial. It’s more likely we will see other plugin formats this year than such an endeavor.

bridge was discontinued long before version 2 and ARM. It was discontinued because it had a lot of problems and VCV didn’t feel it was worthwhile to keep it around, preferring instead to drop it and work on the VST version, which they felt is a better way to go. At least these are my impressions of how it went down.

Oh, but maybe this question is about the 2.0 VST, rather than the old product called “bridge”. In that case, my reply is totally irrelevant.


Yeah that’s great but the VST version has no ability to control its framerate and sets my macbook on fire. So now we’re just screwed all around. Wish I didn’t pay $200 dollars for this!!!

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thank you for your service.