Can't connect behind corporate proxy

I’m trying to connect to the library behind a corporate firewall with a proxy. Every time I do it just times out, meaning I can’t load any plugins.

I tried adding the proxy address to settings.json but it didn’t work.

Perhaps it is not white-listed on the Corporations servers.

There is no proxy property supported in settings.json.

I haven’t tested this, but you might be able to pass environment variables to libcurl.

Does the Windows version use curl? I should have mentioned I’m on Windows 10.

My workaround was to install VCV on my home machine, download all the modules at home and then copy my Rack folder across. Means I have to do manual updates, but at least I can use VCV at work.

Has your employer got any jobs going? :wink:

Yeah mine once they realise how much time VCV is eating up!

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I tried setting environment variables http_proxy and https_proxy and setting them to the right address, and I also tried adding the same information to a .curlrc file. But nothing, even after a restart.

It looks there’s a change committed to make curl have proxy support:

Did this problem get resolved? I’m not having any luck, with ~/.curlrc reading:

ALL_PROXY = www-proxy:80

Is it possible now or not? And if it’s possible where do I have to set the proxy IP and port?

libcurl and therefore Rack doesn’t read .curlrc. It uses environment variables such as http_proxy and all_proxy.

I think so, in Rack v1.1.6.

Got the same problem. A 10$ wifi usb-dongle solved it. Got unrestricted access once hooked the dongle to a mobile hotspot created by my phone. I have to unplug the network cable to do it, but that’s a minor nuisance.

OK, thanks to the help from @Vortico, I now have this working on VCV Rack 2 Pro behind a corporate proxy on Mac.

What I did.

  • Added export all_proxy="http://my-proxy:80" to ~/.zshrc
  • Launched the app from a terminal with open -a VCV\ Rack\ 2\ Pro
  • Check the library menu to see that it’s going through the proxy, voila!

Hope this helps someone else.

just be sure that whatever do doesn’t break the rules of that corporate network. If that matters…

Anyway, I hope you’ve fixed that problem. I’m glad proxy services have changed much since 2019, so we have fewer issues now. Actually, I think if you used residential proxies like these, you wouldn’t face those connection difficulties. Anyway, I hope you’ve fixed everything successfully. Btw, guys, what do you use at your companies most of the time: VPN or proxy services? I’m curious to know. We use residential proxies most of the time. I’ll be waiting for your replies.