Can't change my profile picture [SOLVED]

I just created my account here on the forum, but when I try to update my profile picture, it shows “uploading 100%”, but then I can’t save the changes. When I hover over the Save button, it shows the “prohibit” icon and I can’t save it.

Perhaps your profile is too recent? is the picture filesize is too high (I don’t know the limit).

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I had the same issue, I wound up setting up a gravatar account and that worked on the first try.

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Thank you. I guess that was the issue (my account was brand new with not enough activity). At least it’s working now! :slight_smile:

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It worked now. As @Ohmer mentioned, maybe the issue was that my account was too recent. After leaving a few comments, it let me change it. Not sure if that was the real issue, but I would guess it was…