Cannot Log In


i downloaded VCV on my Mac. There is not Problem Loggin in on the Homepage, but I cannot Log In from VCV Rack it always says incorrect Password. Am I doing something wrong?


As simple as this must sound, the most likely reason is you are using a different login name or Password in VCV Rack app compared to the login on the VCV Rack website.

Make sure you don’t have the caps lock on, that you are using the same upper case/lower case combination for the password if applicable and so on, for example…

Double check the login name and password used on the website (Try logging out of the website and logging back in again to ensure you do know what the login name and password actually) and then enter that in VCV itself… Also make sure you are not using a firewall like Little Snitch for example, that is blocking the VCV rack app from connecting to the server.

Quite frustrating the login/Library update UX for this tbh… I just bought the VCV Rack 2 and recently the Host modules… Library appears to query, update and then instal… modules never show up in Library.

So I logout and attempt to log back in and get no response from server… I can confirm I am using the correct credentials as was previously logged in and can login/out of website… what is going on???

Some ppl had this problem using a vpn. Anything odd about your network setup?

no, just using bog standard internet connection with 30mbps download

now in endless loop???

You need to restart after an update , but I see you’re logged in :+1:t2:

Ah… maybe I sussed it :slight_smile: Think was because I had another instance of VCV (which I was unaware of) so of course closing/reopening would make no difference… noob mistake :slight_smile:

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SOLVED: I had the same. I’m german and used letters like “ö” “ä” “ü” in my pw. after changing the pw to a pw with the common restrictions (atleast one capital letter and atleast one number) it was working immediantly. don’t know if thats the solution for you, but in my case it was. good luck