Cannot get audio out of Rack on MacOS

I am on Mac and I cannot get audio out of my device. Any ideas?

Post a screenshot of your patch?

@stevetheplayer Show a pic of your audio-8 settings.

I figured it out. It’s just a simple setting. However, since it is greyed out if no audio selected, looks like not an available option to select.

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Erm… what was the solution?

I have a student on Mac… Audio-8 selects CoreAudio and built-in device. The patch design is correct, just no sound. (VCA is closed in the photo, but I have a video from him showing that the envelope is being opened at other times. Still no sound.)

I use Linux myself, so I have no idea what to tell him.


VCF Freq set to zero, with no positive input on “freq cv” = LPF has no output.

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That’s embarrassing! I should have seen that. Thanks for the extra pair of eyes.


My audio O/P issue is when I pull the headphone plug out. It does not automatically go through the built-in speakers. When I then select “Apple Inc: MacBook Pro Speakers (1-2 out)”, it hangs, and shows me the pretty spinning rainbow beachball, and then I have to “Force Quit” Rack. Oddly enough, if I change it in the Audio-8 module first, then it’s okay. It’s also okay if I’ve been listening on the speakers, then plug headphones in. I can still change from speakers to headphones without it hanging.

I have a somewhat similar issue on an Ubuntu (Linux) laptop, but I don’t recall if the same sequence of events causes it to hang, or if it’s that it can’t be fixed by re-selecting the right device.

Same issue…no audio on MacOS. I’m new to all of this so the screenshot below is how everything was patched when i downloaded and opened the program

There’s no device selected in Audio-8 (see step 1 in the notes)

@PaulPiko…got it! thanks.