Cannot get audio from sound card into Rack

Hi guys,

I have the following setup and issue:
MacBook Pro 2018 - connected via USB to a Native Instruments Audio 8 sound card. This card has 4 stereo inputs and 4 stereo outs (1/2 to 7/8).

In input 5/6 I send audio from a Korg MS-20 Mini.

In Rack, I add an Audio 8 module and send cables from 5/6 IN to 1/2 OUT (my speakers output). Also tried various routings with mixers / attenuverters etc.

However, I cannot get any type of signal (in Rack) from any of the card’s outputs, even if I can visually see on the sound card that sound is going into the card from the MS-20. I seem to only be able to send audio from Rack to the sound card, and not the way around.

Any thoughts ?

Similarly, I cannot get any MIDI to go out via the new CV-MIDI module.

This ?

Yep, looks like it. Thanks, hope to see the update soon :slight_smile:

i also cant get any audio in- audio out works …

Update coming, see: