Can you use vcv rack 2 or the original without a daw

Hi all, I have Reason daw, but wanted to ask, if you didn’t have a daw, could you somehow use it and just use your computer speakers to hear the output? Sorry, yes, a newbie question…

the regular “editions” work great with computer speakers or line out

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Thank you! My bf wants to use it and doesn’t have a daw. So he could or couldn’t add mods like premium or just use the free ones? He couldn’t use rack2, right?

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He could definitely use Rack 2 as a stand-alone tool. When you say “mods” are you referring to modules listed on If so, there’s a massive (1,000+) library of free modules for him to use. There are only 145 modules that cost money. The paid modules are still quite affordable and are a nice way to support the module makers.

Your boyfriend may eventually want to invest in a DAW if he wants to create more traditional music. One great combination is to use VCV Rack for creating tracks, and sequencing those tracks with a DAW.


Rack 2 comes as a standalone program that works great with normal computer audio. It’s free. The pro version has the same standalone and also includes VST instrument/fx and pro support.

You can use thousands of free modules from VCV and third party developers available in the library, and optionally purchase some of the premium modules.


Great, thanks! This helps so much!

For example, I made this with free and paid modules in VCV Rack 1.


Awesome! Thanks! It’s going to be easy, or should I say inspiring and fun! Appreciated to you both. Incredibly excited so we can both create in our own ways. You both made my day!


Please share any sounds you make, and come back here if you have more questions

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Thanks and will do. Been waiting to do this. Just wish I had heard about this sw in 2020. I will dl rack2 and see how it operates via d drive. Have a great day!