Can you sync Nysthi Simpliciter to DAW bpm?

Hello everyone! First post on these forums for me,

I was wondering if it is somehow possible to sync the sample playback of the Nysthi simpliciter to abletons bpm.

Quick explanation of my situation… I have a Pad/Chord sample that I have manipulated and now plays back slower and off tempo. I understand that lowering the octave will do this naturally, but is there any way I can sync the playback of the new sample to play on beat while keeping its new tonal properties?

Thank you!


Thank you for the response!

So would you recommend exporting the file out of the simpliciter, and then bringing it back into ableton as a regular audio file? That way it automatically snaps to ableton grid?

if Ableton contains a plugin/filter able to change sample timing maintaining the correct intonation (or viceversa), yes, you should do it

do you need to sync the start ? or in the middle some of the parts of the sample ? If the sample contains transient, you can extract trigger points with the inner functions

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, but it’s probably easier to use the sample as an audio track in Ableton. If you do want to play a loop through Simpliciter, you can sync a clock to Ableton (Impromptu Modular’s Clocked is probably the best one to use), then send a trigger from the clock to play the loop in time. AFAIK there isn’t a module in VCV that allows changing the speed of samples without changing the pitch, or vice versa.

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