Can we limit the size of the Module-Browser?

Hey all,

I have to apologize myself, my english isn’t good enough to thank all developers for this lovely program and modules in a appropriate way… this all makes some time better at home.

Only having a short question today…

I’m using a multi monitor setup, where the upper one is 21:9 and a 16:9 central below. If I spreed the VCV window over them and open the module browser, I can’t use the filters on the left side in full scope because the lower part is outside the area of the 16:9 screen.

… so can we limit the size of the browser so in my case it open only on the 21:9 ?

Thank you!

I don’t think this is possible, but did you try the stoermelder MB module to adjust the browser to your ideas?

It should help a bit to use the favourites and hiding feature. And to scale the browsers module window to your needs.

Hey, thank you giving me that hint, I don’t know that module… but read a bit and watch a vid now.

Not what I really watching for, but pleasant too. :slight_smile:

… I’d like to use favorites again, thanks to the Dev!