Can’t post anything in the forum (not quite solved).

… from my main computer. Forum thinks I have a draft that can’t be deleted. I can sort of post from my iPad, however . Any way to fix this forum, short of deleting all cookies?

I have had a brief look and can’t see any way of me fixing this… I will look into it more soon.

it happened to me once, but I can’t remember how I managed it.

maybe logging out, maybe closing all tabs on the browser but one on vcv community, and just post an :broccoli: emoji and then deleting the post

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Maybe you can post the draft that is going on ? And delete it later ? But from what i can understand you can’t access it :confused:. I guess yeah then, logging out and relogging in.

I knew I’d answered this before:

Yeah, did that. Didn’t work. I’ll try again in a bit. Interestingly, after I deleted all drafts on my main machine, the draft was still on my iPad, and I could post it from there.

Do you have both browsers open at once?

Probably? They tend to stay open iOS. I’ll try killing it.

I’m wondering how much of the software that makes the forum work is Javascript in your browser.

Yeah, turned off the iPad, no help on the pc. I have a permanent draft that cannot be deleted. Well, it pretends to delete it, then it comes right back. Same when I post. It pretends to, but faded out, but actually does nothing,

just a wild idea: probably you’ve been logged in on another machine, you forgot? and there the draft still waits for your release?

just an idea, maybe …


Could be. I don’t think I use that account on more than two devices…

Can’t log out of this site on that computer, either. Deleted all cookies in vcv*, no luck. Guess I can start using a different browser, just for this site.

Does it work if logging in with an incognito tab?

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that’s a brilliant idea! Yeah, now I can post from incognito. I still had one “draft”, but I was able to delete it.


So I deleted a ton more cookies, and now I don’t need incognito mode any more. Yay!


And… once again I can’t post from chrome. I no longer have drafts sitting around, but when I post it comes of greyed out, and when I refresh my post isn’t there. But, opening a new “incognito mode” window and logging fresh into vcv works.

I guess if I just sign in on Edge or some other browser it would be ok.