can someone make a module that lets us quickly uninstall individual modules

Is there something like this already? If not can someone please make it?

I’m wondering how could it be simpler than the “vanilla” way.


right click on the module

Info —>VCV Library page

on the web page top right corner “Remove”



I dont want to have to go to the library page each time. I just want to do it from vcv rack. it would be far better if the developers just migrated that link and button on the library site to within rack. one click and done. anyway i might as well try it the current way. Ill be done before an update comes out.

I tried that and the library seems broken as trying remove some modules doesnt work.

Stoermelder MB, you have to load it in every patch , but then you can “hide” some/all the modules from a plugin.


i have realized that you have also to delete the folder from the hard disk, then Rack will re-install only the ones you want

yeah vcv is not fully cooked yet.