Can Oscilloscope be made to capture 3+ signals?

Like, is it limited to 2 signals just for design purposes, to keep the module small? It would be so much cooler if it could take 4 signals.

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It takes 2 poly inputs, so you can merge multiple mono signals into a poly if that helps.

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Thanks. Do you know how to stabilize the image? I’m plugging the same signal into Channel 1 and External Trigger, and it’s still jumping all over the place.

Instead of using a regular poly merge, I would recommend using Bogaudio POLYOFF8. Then you’ll be able to independently scale and offset each channel, like this:



I often use VCV Library - Submarine LA-108, Initially intended as a logic analyser, it now has selectable voltage ranges and works fine as an 8 channel scope.


Good stuff!

I love it - the POLYOFF8 would also be great if you already have a poly signal, but want to offset each channel as you have shown. I’ve been in that situation many times, and never thought to use POLYOFF8.

Another fantastic option I hadn’t thought of.

Did you adjust the “Threshold”?