Can old RackWindows Console module be duplicated with AirWindows?

Subject line says it all. I’m running my own unofficial port of RackWindows to get the CONSOLE MM module, which injects low level crosstalk into the MindMeld Mixmaster.

Is there a way to do that now?

PS @steve the Console MM module is very simple, could something similar be coded as a Mixmaster Expander?

Possibly, but not by us.

Mixmaster is considered ‘finished’ and we are very unlikely to add any new features at this point.

It will be kept updated and compatible with new versions of Rack etc.

I did make a sort of mockup for the Console MM. You can try it and see if it works for you. The inputs to the orbit modules are the 3 direct outs of MixMaster, and the two mixer outs go to the Grande SD modules, feed toe +1 outs to the Direct Ins in the MixMaster. Modulate the Orbits to taste, I don’t…

FG_ConsoleMM_mock-up_v2.vcvs (5.5 KB)