Can modules be grouped?

Is there a way to select multiple modules at once to move them all together to a different rack location? Or to group them so they always move as a single unit, to drag around to arrange my patch in bigger blocks?

Try this one:


Oh wow that is so useful! - had no idea it existed.


Stoermelder STRIP is very useful for this:


Cool! Thanks for that. :slight_smile:

That is very handy too! :slight_smile:

I wonder if STRIP could get a “grab” button that would then allow it to move all the modules under its control when it was dragged to a new location?

Sorry, that won’t happen.

you can also enable strip mode in the right-click menu of Room to only drag the modules that are connected to it. doesn’t work flawlessly but it’s something.

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Oh cool. That’s it! :slight_smile: Just hold Cntrl and only the modules attached to it drag with it when the 4 way arrow button is clicked on. :slight_smile:

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ah yes, I forgot I’ve added Ctrl as well :d

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