Can I use VCV Rack with ProTools?


I’m aware that VCV Rack Pro doesn’t yet support AAX. My question is in regards to the free version. Is there any possible way I can play a modular synth (created in VCV Rack) in ProTools? Is there a workaround? And is VCV Rack going to support AAX format? By the way I know Cardinal is like a plugin version of VCV Rack but it also doesn’t support AAX. Thank you in advance.

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When we get this question about surge, we suggest pro tools users use one of the AAX to vst3 bridges like bluecat patchwork or kush view elements. I don’t know if these work for rack or not.

Thank you for answering. That applies only to owners of a VCV Rack 2 Pro license right? The VCV Rack free version doesn’t come with any VST plugin. Also, is AAX format ever gonna be supported?

The free version has no plugin, that is correct.

I’m not a member of the rack team so have no idea on AAX for rack.

For surge, AAX will never be supported since it has an open-source incompatible license and build system, alas.

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I bought the pro version as they said other formats were on the way…i expected we’d get an aax at some stage, but apparently maybe not… It works ok in bluecat patchwork though…

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