Can I turn a VCV Rack patch into a VST plugin?

Does anyone knows of a software that can take a VCV patch and turn it into a VST plugin? That should be easier that turning VCV into a VST plugin (I think). I ask because I like to compose MIDI music in Reaper, but to get Reaper to send MIDI signal into the VCV rack seems impossible. Does anyone know? Can anyone help? I use the latest version of both Reaper and VCV Rack.

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You can’t turn a VCV patch into a VST

But sending midi from Reaper to VCV should be straightforward on PC I think (although I use Mac).

You just need a virtual midi cable like loopMIDI.

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A new product called VCV Rack for DAWs will be available as a 64-bit VST2 plugin for around $99 shortly after Rack v2 is released. This will allow you to use VCV Rack and load any Rack patch in your DAW. See for more information.

nice one, mate.


I think I just lost around $105. But when is some savvy electric engineer gonna suss out a midi controller for VCV? Now that would cost me. What would it even look like?

Something like this:

No way is that cheaper than actually buying modular equipment.

I didn’t see prices, but after thinking about a custom Valley interzone or terrorform controller, or wait…

a custom midi Submarine cable manager that allows me to just touch in/outputs and cv cables of different colors appear?!?!?!

Who needs food when you can have that.

Hi Vortico,

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I can’t wait until that product come out :slight_smile: