Can I force refresh of midi controller knobs/sliders values when opening patch


I have a Korg nanoKONTROL2 connected with VCV Rack using MIDI CC>CV. It all works fine, but the only problem is when open an existing patch file that has all the MIDI connection in place, it does not update the midi values according to the current state of the knobs and slides on controller. It basically remembers the state of the controller knobs/sliders when I last closed the patch file.

So I always have to move ALL my sliders/knobs a bit to force a CC value refresh, so any connected rack modules get updated.

Is there a way to force a general refresh or something that reads all the current knob/slider settings from the midi controller?

Funnily enough I just had a similar thing with a 16n Faderbank I just acquired and the best solution I found was to map the CCs via Stoermelder’s uMap as that seems to force refreshes of everything mapped to pick up their current positions.

The Stoermelder modules need to be manually downloaded and installed as they aren’t in the v2 VCV library, but it’s a reasonably painless process.

Thanks for the info and very quick reply. I managed to install the Stoermelder plugins and tried the uMap module, but the problem is the same. At startup I still have to move my fader to send an initial midi update so the fader in VCV is updated.

If it is not too much to ask, maybe you could send me the patch where you got it working (just the part where the midi input controls a parameter through uMap in a module somewhere) so I can have a look how you dit it and I will try to replace the Faderbank with my Nanokontrol. If you don’t want to send something, still good friends :smile:

You can also try the MIDI_CAT module from Stoermelder. You can set a feedback channel that automaticaly recall the CC settings that were mapped : vcvrack-packone/ at v1 · stoermelder/vcvrack-packone · GitHub I use it with a Faderfox EC4 and it works flawlessly.

Thanks for the reply. I think using a feedback channel assumes the midi controller faders can be set to the values currently stored in the patch, but that does not work with the Nanokontroller since the faders are simple up-down sliders that only can be moved by hand and not controlled by midi-out.

What I want is the opposite, when I open a patch I want the mapped values in that patch (in my case mixer volume faders) to take the values currently set on my Nanokontroller. The problem is the Nanocontroller only sends out a CC value when I move the physical fader, so the mapped mixer fader does not snap to the value of the physical fader until I move it.

Please read about „pickup“:

Thanks, Ben. I think for my Nanokontroller this is the best workaround. When I set the CC input mode to Pickup (Snap) I can setup the start position of the virtual faders in VCV Rack, save the patch, and when loading the patch at a later stage these virtual faders will only start changing once my physical faders reach this start position of the virtual faders. This way I won’t get a sudden value change if I touch my physical faders.

I think I may have had my wires crossed actually, my fix wasn’t for loading presets, but for moving faders that generate a CC value mapped to a knob, it was for things like Audible Instruments Ripple where you don’t see real time updates to the knob position when it is overridden via CV.

My otherwise semi-crappy Akai MIDImix controller has a “send-all” button for this exact reason, to pick up current values. Maybe yours has the same on some combo, hidden in the manual.

That’s what I was hoping for, but I could not find anything like that for the Korg Nanocontrol 2.

Maybe try and search/post in their forum:

Thanks, I will check out the forum. :+1: