Can I (at least temporarily) get rid of that yellow popup when replying in a thread?

You know, the one that temporarily covers up the preview pane and says:

The VCV Community forum is a place where VCV Rack users can help other users.

All posts must follow the rules at VCV - Community Rules.

For support from VCV, go to VCV - Support.

… and you have to dismiss it before you can see a preview of your reply.

Is it possible to disable it once you’ve already dismissed it once, by way of some sort of cookie? Even if it reset back to displaying once again the next calendar day it would be far less annoying than being nagged every time.







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Hah! I didn’t even realize I could dismiss it! So, I have just been annoyed by it. I just tried it here.

Yes Please! +1

I thought it had something to do with the no-script add-on I installed a few weeks ago, but it seems everybody gets it :thinking:

+1 yes please. It makes sense for new users, for old hands - nope!

@Vortico can you please have a look into/change the forum software to get a more pleasant behavior for regular users?

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I have removed the yellow “education” pop-up for users who have written at least 4 posts.

I wanted all users (regardless of post count) to see this message for a few weeks to make it clear that the VCV Community is a forum to get help from other VCV Rack users. Responses to forum threads from VCV staff are not guaranteed. If you need VCV support, contact VCV - Support. I believe that this pop-up has been effective in clearing up this confusion with both new and long-time users.

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