Can get this 3 module rack to sound close to YT video


I’m learning VCV with Omri Cohen’s videos, what really inspired my is this short 3 module video, but I’m not sure it’s possible in VCV?

I’ve got the 3 modules patched, but I can’t patch the Rings v/oct to Plaits v/oct like he does, is this not possible?

I’m getting very little sound missing this cable.


Looks like that dark green cable is just a splitter to allow the other light green cable to go to both v/oct jacks.


Just to clarify, you do not need a splitter in VCV Rack. Just run 2 cables from the light green cable output jack to the 2 v/oct jacks.

Yes, to be even more clear.

The video has a stackable cable from Marbles X2 to Plaits V/Oct, and then a normal cable from Plaits V/Oct to Rings V/Oct.

In VCV, all output parts are inherently stackable. The equivalent VCV patch is two cables coming from Marbles X2, one going to Plaits V/Oct, and the other to Rings V/Oct.

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Thanks, I’ve done that, I though I could stack cables like in the video.

Now it’s setup with the modules set to the same as on the video it sounds nothing like it. Not sure what I’m missing here.

How is this ?

Import as a selection

3mod-96 test.vcvs (6.4 KB)

Well it’s closer than my attempt, not sure what I did wrong. Nice attempt though, but his sounds very different, to what I get when using yours.

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There are some differences/bugs in the Rack implementation that make it slightly different from the hardware/software from Mutable. Don’t know if you’re running into those & honestly I can’t remember what they are.