Can ComplexSimpler cycle through a number of samples?

Hi, I’m very new to this so sorry if this is a silly question. I’m using Nsynthi ComplexSimpler to play a sample and I noticed that it has a ‘current files’ list. Is it possible to cycle through those samples in a single instance of ComplexSimpler?

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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

I don’t know about the ‘current files’ menu entry as i never used it.

But you can use the ‘SimplerFileControlExpander’ (SX) to go through a bunch of files that are in the same folder.
It has a couple of CV controlled options for that! Just put it against the right side of the Complex Simpler module.

Not sure if that is what you are after though!

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Perfect! Thank you very much!

Screenshot from 2022-05-08 22-47-20


yes… :smiley:


Thanks! Sorry for the noob question! There’s a lot to take in but I really appreciate how generous this community is.