Can a module find out what other module is plugged into it?

In Rack v2 I see that when you hover your mouse over a connection port, it will display what other module is on the other end of the cable.


Is there a way to get this same information in a module’s code? I’m thinking it would be nice to modify Little Util’s Teleport module to label the connection ports that it teleports rather than the generic “Port 1”, Port 2" etc. you have now. It could also be useful for auto-detecting a clock signal format simply by looking at name of the connected port, for example with MIDI-CV you could see the port named “CLK” or “CLK/N” and knowing just by the name of the port what kind of clock signal it is based on which port it came from.

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I think I figured it out, for example MindMeld’s Meld knows what it connects to: