Campestria Versio - Plateau comes to hardware

I mentioned this in a thread a couple of days ago, but arguably it deserves its own topic. The Nano Random module has a companion in making the physical transition. Everybody’s favourite VCV Rack reverb, the Dattorro algorithm-based Plateau from has been ported across to Noise Engineering’s Daisy-based Versio platform.

The firmware is available here:

It sounds great and is instantly my favourite Eurorack reverb. The interface is a little menu-divey but with the benefits of some added distortion algorithms.



And a thread about it


great:) now we need Noise Engineering to port their versio firmwares to vcvrack…:slight_smile: to close the moebius strip.

(esp Ruina and Melotus:)


I’ve been running this for a couple of weeks and it’s sounding amazing now. The distortions are really interesting.


Thanks for sharing the work Nik and all the support! Here’s a video demo and tutorial I just finished for it:

I did update 1.21. Very minor change to how the diffusion and pre-delay behaves which are shown off at the end of the video. 1.2 is identical otherwise and some people may prefer 1.2 so I’m leaving both on the release page.

My recording and editing skills are not great, but it’s a good starting point for the start of my YouTube channel.

Again, thanks everyone for all the support! There will be more to come.


This is so cool. I always wished to have Plateau as a Eurorack module … I never considered any of NE modules as I don’t like their appearance but now I do just because of this! Thanks for all the effort!

Great work!

Really great work @digitalartifact !!! :tada::tada::tada: