Call/response-ish sequencing ?

How to use it in a dynamic way (not by sequencing a 64-step phrase by hand) ?

I’m thinking about it and I tried a few things but I’m stuck. First step would be to build two sequencing blocks with a switch, and the switch will activate every 16 or 32 steps, depending on phrase length. The two melodic parts will have different starting points in the bar and use different notes.

I’d like to implement this in the fixed rack I’m working on, but it’s already kinda CPU hungry (I have 6 FM drum voices with specific modules, 5/6 modules per voice + mixer & a few FX).

So I can’t do it like i would like to do it — I’d make this by adding two gate sequencers, quantizers with modes like Mother, a few S&Hs and Bernoulli’s gates to add variety, but if I do this on this patch it will be difficult to avoid crackling & stuff, not even speaking of using it in the VST.

So, how would you do it for maximum CPU efficiency ?

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Record the drums, disable them and play them back via a sampler?

I’d tackle it the same way I would hitting CPU issues in a DAW and bounce tracks down early and often.


Yeah I tried to avoid this as much as possible, since my FM drum parts are quite heavily modulated. Fortunately I’m on software, because what I want to build here would cost me a whole warehouse and at least 50k€ I think, my rack is 5x200hp and to finish this rack 8x200hp + a mixing and premastering row would be the bare minimum

I think I have to almost entirely switch this rack to a sample-based workflow, and keep generating sounds in other racks. There are a few samplers that could do the job, one does even have slices and can manage loops, so it will drastically reduce CPU usage, i’ll look into it !

I didn’t specifically mean using a hardware sampler. You could use one of many free or paid sampler plugins in the DAW or even there are ways to record inside the rack itself e.g. all these…

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Yeah that’s what I meant, currently trying Bidoo & Nysthi stuff

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