Call for plugin developers to add per-module manual URLs to plugin manifest

The VCV Library and VCV Rack v2 (when released) support per-module manual URLs. Simply add a “manualUrl” property to each module object in the plugin.json manifest. If your plugin’s manual is a single GitHub .md file or GitHub wiki page, use headers (e.g. ### VCO) to create a direct #VCO link on the page to that section. Example:

      "slug": "VCO",
      "name": "VCO-1",
      "description": "Voltage-controlled oscillator",
      "manualUrl": "",
      "tags": [

Rack users: If you want to be able to jump straight to per-module manuals instead of searching for the module on a plugin’s single manual page, you can help by creating a GitHub issue or emailing your favorite plugin developers to request this feature. You may use this issue as a template if you wish. Look at their plugin.json to see if they have a "moduleUrl" for every module.


Are plugin links relative to the slug manual?

So that is if my overal plugin.json has “” Does my chorus need to say “” or will rackv2 do the string math/relative addressing if I just say “#chorus”?


No, it needs to be the entire URL.

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One month ago I submitted pull requests about this to three plugin developers, but none of them has been accepted, or rejected. Is this to be expected? Should I directly contact the developers and point this out to them?