bypass cutting signal in v2

Hi I thought bypassing a module would allow sound to pas through minus the bypassed signal. It seems some modules arent playing with that feature? Am I choosing the incorrect option?

ive experienced the same. my best guess is that it will take a little while before all the modules allow bypassing bug free

nysthi supports bypass since 2017 :wink:


good work! <3

the bypass as in a pedal is a relative new feature on rack, some developers had only “upgraded” them modules without add new features. the old bypass mute the module.

Also implemented for the Squinky Labs modules

Are you sure ? I just tried it on the Comp II and it was just muting the signal. (Stairway and Comp work OK)

Vult FX mute, Valley FX mute, even VCV Delay mutes.

So far I only saw all NYSTHI and ChowDSP FX working correctly :+1:t2:

But there may be more, lets make a list… :smiley:

For me, it would be much more useful if you raise a bug or a request for the module/plugins that don’t have this functionality implemented instead of creating lists. There are so many threads at the moment on this forum, I would rather spend my time on developing instead of checking and reading all of them. That’s why I would like everyone to raise requests and bugs in github so I have one central place that I can monitor. Much more efficient (for me).


Done :smiley:

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Also, I think it is up to each plugin now it interprets “bypass”. And some probably do what’s easiest rather than what’s best. But it is not obvious what “best” is. Simple example is a filter, which could either boost or cut, depending on how it’s set. What should it do when it bypasses?

Just let the voltage clean through using configBypass()


From Bog :

Note on Bypassing

Rack adds a “Bypass” option to the context (right-click) menu on every module. By default, this fully disables the module (while allowing it to remain patched), such that the module produces no output (or more precisely, constantly outputs 0V). For some modules, however, it makes more sense to pass the module’s unmodified input to the output.

Most Bogaudio modules implement bypassing according these general rules:

Modules that generate a signal (VCOs, LFOs, noise/random generators, envelope generators), or combine signals (mixers, logic), typically produce no output.
Modules that modify a signal (filters, effects, VCAs, attenuators) typically pass their input to the output.

This one slipped through :wink:

ouch ! you got me ! :smiley:

in 2 0 12

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I informed Valley but nothing has changed yet.