Burial style Dubstep

Hello good people, I have been listening to a lot of Burial style Dubstep lately, was wondering if anyone had any module ideas that I could create a patch in this style.

Here’s an example of the sound I’m after from 2022:

burial - Antidawn FULL EP (Audio) - YouTube

Well… Burial is extreme Sample Music, fairly off the quantized grid and then some ancient witchcraft to glue it all together but as for the sonic themes of imperfections, the slightly out-of-tune, the flutter and wow, the tape hiss and vinyl crackle, VCV has a lot to offer.

Mix your v/oct with a tiny bit of random voltage, and/or have sort of spikes in this mix. (Shed a tear for XFXWave which had the feature of shifting the wave around, which made for a beautiful analog error effect)

Plenty of cool noise modules, above all probably the latest from Befaco.

And of course, VST FXs like Home Corrupter or Tape MELLO-FI

And all the LP (and -g) filters are probably your friends :slight_smile:

Thanks Purf, suspected samples maybe the way to go but so many to sequence and glitch out. any Sampler recommendations, I know and love Nysthi’s little darlings, it all depends on keeping them ‘one shots’ into loads of Reverb? Pads -SR Paddington to keep a sense of dread, anything else? So many questions-Bogaudio Event timer looks good that work on samples?

I can tell you how to sound like Burial:

1.find female vocal a cappelas and chop them up & pitch them up. 2. Sample video game music. 3. Make awkward unquantized 2 step beats in an audio editor. 4. crumple potato chip bags into a microphone for 5 minutes and let it run underneath your mix.


Sounds good to me! The crisp packet sounds a good idea but should I take it seriously? Do u approve of his work?

I love Burial’s work. Enough that I was obsessed with how he made it & what he sampled. He literally did record rustling crisp packets (and cigarette pack cellophane) for some of that trademark crackling sound. How he did some of the other low fi things I don’t know. It sounds as though he spent a lot of time sampling the lead-in of dusty vinyl records too. Every soften you get a big vinyl pop in some songs.

Have a look here Tracks Sampled by Burial | WhoSampled - they count 209 identified samples in his music.

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This one really cracks me up


Thanks, always good to be a fan very diverse and odd music. Would Dust and Crackle modules work for this crisp bag noises? I have used ‘Crackle’ and got some really messed up RHYTHM tracks out of a Patch I made. Crisp and plastic bags are everywhere so plenty of material about! A sampling I go.

If you want a more rhythmic crackling then try Fehler Fabrick Luigi.

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