Building Rack with pipewire fails

this happens, if i connect with an input port. VCV is show with connection to microphone, but no output ports.

i guess that something is wrong with detection of available output ports?

It works here on Fedora 37 it seems. Maybe something in Fedora 36 ?

perhaps a bug?

today i upgraded my fedora to 37. without any modifications to my system i recompiled rack and deps. now i can connect pulseaudio out ports from rack, but again no jack connections possible. the strange thing is, that my other rack clone cardinal works out of the box with jack under pipewire on fedora 36. i will use pulseaudio ports from rack for now. perhaps anybody knows a bit in-depth details how i could solve this. unfortunately i do not understand the different output from the pipewire tools. is any pipewire in-depth user here?

Ubuntu seems to be the preferred system for VCV. Ubuntu changed to pipewire from 22.10. So perhaps it will work soon™.*%20Added%20pipewire-pulse%20to%20desktop%2C%20desktop-minimal

May be better to avoid pipewire for now.

No planned pipewire for Rtaudio

Maturity of pipewire(?)