Building a monosynth tutorial patch

I started building a patch to help explain modular synths/VCV Rack to someone who has only had experience with simple keyboard synths. It’s a work in progress, but I thought I’d share it to get some feedback/suggestions. And others here might find it useful. I think I have the basics, but my music creation experience is limited to VCV Rack, not monosynths or keyboards. Once I’m happy that the patch is “finished” I will make a tutorial video.

The patch features:

  • Two main oscillators and one sub-oscillator
  • Amp envelope
  • Filter
  • Filter envelope
  • LFO for each main oscillator, and one for the filter

So here is the first version of the patch:
build-a-monosynth-v1-PaulPiko.vcv (27.0 KB)

And here is a demo

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Very well laid out and labelled Paul! The two “basic synth” things I really had a hard time replicating in VCV when I was starting out that you may want to think about including were tuned Pitchbend and Modwheel vibrato (MW * LFO + V/OCT). As a newb…those took some figuring out along with some trial and error.

Thanks, I’ll see about adding those.

I’ve added knobs (Dual Atenuverter) for Pitch Bend and Modulation. The Pitch Bend has a range of +/- 2 semitones (but that can be changed in the patch).

build-a-monosynth-v1a-PaulPiko.vcv (30.6 KB)

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Interesting way of making pitchbend ! I’ve been thinking about how to do it lately, and i found another way : i put the v/oct signal from my midi controller through a Stack from bog audio, and assign the pitchbend of the controller to the semitones knob of Stack.
So cool how Modular offers different solution for the same problem :blush:

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That was just my first thought. I like the Stack idea… but does it only pitch up?

Hmmm, another thought…

Is the effect from a hardware pitch bend wheel/joystick linear?

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Yes it’s linear if i remember, and normally it should go in both ways :thinking:.
I haven’t done it in a while, i’ll check tomorrow and let you know :wink:

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Since it ties in, here’s a nice, efficient way of doing pitchbend and MW+Vibrato that also works with polyphony. If you only need a monophonic way signal, you can replace Knobs with the VCV Unity Mixer. Should probably FR making that one polyphonic.

Kudos to Paul for the idea of chaining Specific Value in to change tuning. Totally stole that from your patch.

Thanks, that will help when it’s time to explain polyphony