Building a hybrid setup VCV Rack with Eurorack

Hi! I finally managed to make this video, maybe some of you will find it interesting.


Looks great Omri! I love your channel and learned so much from watching your stuff. I have a Hybrid myself and it opened up more possibilities than I could have ever imagined! :slight_smile:


Wow, what a nice setup…

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I wish I could play a buchla through a marshall half stack!

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me too :slight_smile:

I was was in a rehearsal studio that had a hiwatt full stack. I tried it out, and immediately had to start playing “Can’t Explain”, by The Who. It just had that sound!

great video @Omri_Cohen

Im a fan of hybrid setups, I use eurorack with either vcvrack or bitwig (really enjoy ‘the gird’ on bws).

I use a Percussa SSP to do the ‘interfacing’ this adds an another dimension to this hybrid idea… not only can it send 24 in and out channel (audio/cv) to vcvrack and inteface that to the rest of my eurorack system (like ES9) but it can process that same audio/cv from vcvrack/eurorack thru its own modular system - it can also host midi devices, so can be used for midi 2 cv too…

(hmm, not got cv to midi yet…but thats quite possible)

Im a developer, so ive been developing vst modules for it (8 so far) , and have a huge number of ideas of where to take it :slight_smile:

its far from a cheap option (is anything in eurorack?) but if you consider the price of an ER301 + ES9 , its not far off that…

Man, I should really consider something like this… I’m just not so enthusiastic to get another computer, which is basically what the SSP is, it’s a computer…

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Yes and no… Lots of things have microprocessors and microcontrollers in them … eg your morphagene

What we generally mean by ‘a computer’ ( in this context) is a general purpose computer, so when do they cease to be computers and become instruments? It’s all a matter of UI and specialization.

the divide is a bit personal, for some a laptop that only has music software installed ( no web browser ;)) which auto starts might be an instrument. For others anything with a menu is a computer :wink:

… for me something like the ssp that’s dedicated to the task crosses the divide. Yes the ssp can do many things but I don’t use it for checking my email or browsing this forum !

But this brings me back to my post really , the ssp is a kind of ‘bridge’ , it’s physically part of the eurorack with the io to interface to it, yet it’s connected to vcvrack/bitwig

Why an ‘intelligent’ bridge? ( vs es9)

Well I enjoy the amount of io it has, so I created a mixer vst for it, inspired by the wmd performance mixer … with 8 stereo channels, with main, cue and 2 ( stereo) aux … all controllable from the ssp ( obviously) - so I can easily choose what to route to vcvrack, my octatrack, my nebulae or to my clouds vst in the ssp

That’s my simple startup template setup , more creative ones do things like bring in my matrix mixer vst.

… I love it :slight_smile:

Here’s an example yesterday, as you can see I don’t let the ssp dominate :slight_smile:

Oh cool feature, I quickly recorded this video directly on my phone with sound direct from ssp since it’s a class compliant audio interface.

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Hm, good Idea, maybe I should do that sometimes :grin:

Well, yeah, what I meant by computer is just that there are so many possibilities and I would not know where to start. I already have VCV to learn and experiment with so having another modular environment is not something I want to do so much…

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Lets just hope that VCV improves its performance soon. Its such a powerful tool (I managed to do voltage conversion for the Buchla, so i can build my own sequencers in VCV) but it is really heavy on my Computer


yeah, I agree, its pretty easy to get overwhelmed with choice these days…

I try to compartmentalize things a bit… I view the SSP very much as part of the Eurorack, extendings its features - make it a complete standalone instrument.

similarly I let bitwig/vcvrack do its own thing, then the ‘hybrid’ part is mostly about sharing audio, or things like clock.

not that Ive got it ‘all figured out’ (do you ever?) , still lots of experimenting and exploring. I think thats partly the nature with modular, and hybrid extends boundaries…

(Id similar ‘soul searching’ when I had the ES8… trying to decide what to use it for vs midi2cv!)

did a quick livestream test today… eurorack -> ssp -> OBS -> mac mini (apple silcon)

my next test is to see if the Mac Mini can cope with also running vcvrack being screen shared, and audio piped into OBS (1)… livestreaming hybrid all on one machine!

(1) I use Rogue Amobea loopback to combine multiple audio interfaces on the Mac… its working amazingly well so far)

My modular which I mostly use for live jamming is hybrid too which I enjoy a lot. Modularwise VCV really was a gamechanger for me. VCV and Euro are connected with an ES-8 + ES-6 + ES-3 combo.

Master clock is Pamela’s New Workout which sends clock and start/stop to VCV.

I even can sequence the hardware from VCV in time although VCV gets its clock+start/stop from it because I delay that clock+start/stop by 2 bars minus AD and DA latency to drive those VCV sequencers intended to sequence the hardware. This means that when I press “start” on Pam’s it’s like my hardware is doing a 2 bar upbeat until VCV’s sequencers I use to sequence the hardware kick in and after that first 2 bars everything’s perfectly synced.

The other sequencers/clock used to drive VCV internally are synced to Pam’s anyway.

I do the same with MIDI controlling/sequencing the Squarp Rample and Yamaha MODX from VCV to get 'em synced (delay the signals to balance MIDI latency).

When i feel like multitracking I can engage the Nysthi Poly Recorders and track down everything going out of the two Mindmeld mixers.

It took me a while to figure out that exactly config and what to adjust to get VCV and Euro play seamlessly together but well, that’s what I like to do when I am too lazy for making music and it worked out well and stable.

VCV template:

Euro “main rack”

Euro “mod rack”

cheers, t.