Bug with VCV Rack VST

When you make a patch in any DAW and use your qwerty keyboard, you cant hear any audio when you fiddle with parameters in the plugin itself, only when you click away from the plugin will you hear audio. I notice clicking anywhere inside the DAW border around the plugin deselects the plugin itself causing this issue. Once you click away from the plugin, everything resumes back to normal. This is troublesome when trying to test out modulations.

This problem is irrelevant when using a sequencer for obvious reasons. Seems to be a bug with using a DAW qwerty keyboard. I dont have a midi controller right now so I cant test with a midi controller

What DAW? What OS? Got any specific steps? Is it all modules or just specific ones?

I just launched the VST in Reaper in Windows 10, took the default patch, held down a note, and right-clicked the filter cutoff, then used the qwerty keyboard to adjust the cutoff, entering various values. Result: the changes were immediately audible.

So I’m not able to reproduce that here.

You probably want to post some additional details, or at the very least, report this via the official support channel with those additional details.


You mean you’re using the qwerty keyboard to play notes, right? And it doesn’t play notes if you are moving a knob with the mouse at the same time?

This happens with many VST plugins, it does not happen with Surge VST, but with Massive or Synth1 for example it’s the same.

If it could be fixed it would certainly be nice for situations where you only have a computer-keyboard for note input. So I’d say do a bug report, maybe mention Surge as a plugin where it works (provided it works for you, too), since it’s open source and might provide a solution.

This happens in any DAW. FL Studio, Cubase, Ableton…This only happens when using your computer keyboard in qwerty mode.

I dont know how else to further explain it

I tested with my cell phone midi controller app to see if the issue occurs with a midi controller, and the issue does not occur.

This seems to be a Qwerty issue with VCV running as a plugin

Honestly, Im buying a midi controller soon so this issue is not going to be a problem for me any longer.