Buffer issues connecting to Cubase, ES-8

My setup is the following:

Cubase OSX with RME interface VCV Rack Hardware Modular Rig with ES-8(USB)

My goal is to use the ES-8 to pass CV from VCV to the hardware modular, and audio back to VCV, then send the audio to Cubase.

The first method I tried was to use one Audio-8 module in VCV using Core Audio and ES-8, and a second Audio-8 module using Core Audio and VCV Bridge, VCV Bridge instantiated on Cubase. This works, but there is glitching/buffer issues. So recordings sometimes stop for no reason, or audio will glitch if for example some other window on the computer pops up or if I scroll in another window somewhere. This happens at all buffer settings from 64-512, though less at 512.

So then I tried the same setup, but instead of using VCV Bridge, I just set the second Audio-8 module to use Core Audio RME, and used one of the loopback channels there. I get the same result of glitching.

This issue doesn’t seem to happen if I’m just using VCV alone and only the RME as output. So it appears to be difficulty with VCV using two audio interfaces at once? Not sure.

Is there a better way to do this, besides using hardware audio ins to Cubase?

Current version of VCV does not support more than one audio module. It kinda works on Mac but you get the glitching you describe.

Version 2 will support multiple audio modules. Until then best bet is to aggregate your devices in Audio Midi Setup and use Audio16 or Stoermelder’s Audio 64 from the Pack One plugin.

Ok thanks! I figured it was not fully supported. I’ll keep working with it for now, it still works under the right circumstances.