Buchla Music Easel patch setup?

I am quite eager to be able to work with one but I know I’ll never be able to afford a Buchla Music Easel or even buy the emulation by Arturia. Perhaps someone somewhere has written a list of what I would need to use to build on using VCV?

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There is a really good video by Omri Cohen on recreating Buchla


Here’s a unpatched system inspired by the Music Easel
it was made with Rack 0.6 and some modules are still missing to open it with 1.0
to build a virtual easel you’ll need a complex VCO with waveshaper , a 5 step sequencer, dual Low Pass Gate, a function generator (Rampage) a random generator, arpegiator, slew, and a clock
don’t forget the controler (keyboard or touch)
it’s a simple architecture


Thank you both @Jamuud and @NOrchestra! :heart_eyes: