Browser Request 2

the initial Browser Request thread was closed.

would it be possible to add the feature in where you can remove modules from your library from the browser?

example: there are many mixers, a few id like to keep, some I can remove. it is easier to compare all them when they are side by side. it would be great to be able to right click and have the option to Remove Module from Library :+1:t6:


You can use favourites as a filter for that.

When favourites is off, it will show all mixers in your library. When favourites is on it will only show mixers you have marked as favourite.


fair enough. I just like keeping my entire system clean. I like the idea of only having the modules I want on my machine…on my machine. less is more for me.

I can better weigh the pros and cons of each module side by side. and if I could just chose to remove from the browser that would be great.

just a request. can close if its a dumb one.

It’s not dumb at all. I think the ability to select individual modules rather than entire plugins is something that was initially planned for v2 and while it doesn’t seem to be implemented yet, I’m sure it will come at some point.

You can currently add individual modules in V2, but you have to do it on the VCV Rack library (website - not browser) - and it’s kind of backwards - you actually subscribe to a plugin first, then remove the modules you don’t want to see.

For instance, I can “subscribe” to the three DanT modules. Then go into the VCV Library and select “Remove” to individually remove two of the three. Next time I launch Rack, only 1 will be visible in the browser. If I want to add them back, I go back to the VCV Library, and just individually add them again.

However, I do agree with the OP that it would be nice if we could remove them directly from the browser in VCV Rack 2.

So I think we have two good FR’s for the browser:

  1. The ability to add modules without closing the browser, so we can keep adding more. This is one I made in a different thread.

  2. The ability to remove a plugin directly from the Rack 2 browser.

gente, feature request por aqui

  1. The ability to put a plugin on “watch only”.

    In case I want to manually install a plugin form another source - and I don’t want to include it in an “update all” until the version is larger than what I have installed. I only want to get notified when the library version is larger than the installed version.



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