Broken air conditional module?

Anyone know how this air conditioner is generating such fun beats? Is it some sort of dual gears or something?


It would be nice to remove the front panel and see what generates it. Also noteworthy is the honking in the background. :alien: :vulcan_salute:

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its sound like someting boucing against the centrifugal blades


You guys are awesome. I’ll try to prototype something and see if I can replicated it. :slight_smile:


The squirrel cage blower is on the inside. This sound is coming from the fan on the outside. In many units, the outside fan has a “slinger ring” which is designed to catch some of the condensate water and toss it on to the condenser coils to assist in cooling. It doesn’t take much misalignment for this ring to hit the bottom of the chassis or some part of the fan shroud. It is the rear fan and sligner ring which is making this noise. (I worked in the industry for a decade or so…)


I made this:

just by repeating a beat with a random probability for each note to play, and a random variation in velocity:

(Shameless plug for Entrian Acoustic Drums!)

To my admittedly unmusical ear, that sounds pretty similar to the Jazz-Air-Con [TM].


Yeah, that’s Joe Morello. I don’t recall the name of the piece, but it’s on Brubeck’s Jazz Impressions of Eurasia.

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I think a lot of mileage can be covered with clever use of clock dividers and Bernoulli gates.

Drone example with chance threes against twos: C-Mixolydian-Bb-Lydian-drone.vcv (41.6 KB)