Bringing VCV rack audio into Reaper via bridge or rearoute

As the title said this is about issues pulling in audio from vcv rack to reaper.

I’ve tried vcv bridge and rea root, both seem to work well until I hit record then the recording slows down to nearly a halt!

turn off record, its fine gain.

My computer is very powerful so I don’t think that’s it. could be my cheapo IRIG Pro 24 bit /96khz.

Any help appreciated, thanks, Jeff

how do you have reaper set up? asio, wasapi? and what operating system?

bridge works fine with reaper on my (somewhat aging) rig.

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Hi Jeff!
I understand from the title that you’re on Windows and have ReaRoute installed, right? I stopped using Bridge a long time ago and I use only ReaRoute now. In VCV I have the Audio module set to ReaRoute (btw there is a 16 channel version of the audio module from rcm), and in Reaper I have it set to my audio interface, and I find that using ASIO gives the best results. It’s really easy to set up in Reaper also, you just add a track, arm it, monitor it, and set the input to either mono or stereo ReaRoute channels, according to what you have set up in VCV.
Like ablaut said, are you using ASIO or WASAPI, or something else? You also have to make sure that the settings in Reaper and in VCV match, including buffer\block size…


i have it in aspi 96k / 256. i am in the process of slowing back down to 44.1khz to see what that does

i did run that and you are correct it seems quite easy and simple and when i select everything is great. and then hit record and the rate goes to near zero. cpu load is minimal. i made sure everything was all set at 96k 256.

so now plan is tomorrow to go back to 44.1. and see if that is the cause.

must be since i have the same slowdown in the bridge that i do in the Rearoute. i definitely need to get this running need to get the real sound of a vcv rack into a reaper created song. two wonderful tools!

Yeah, totally! Can I ask why are you using 96k?

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i’m using 48k / 2048 samples block size. see if a lower sample rate and a larger block size help.

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It was just a test - it seemed ok so I stuck with it. I’ve put everything back to 44.1 now and for some reason rearoute is not showing up anymore in vcv… let me work this for a few min.

Update - I got it to record smoothly. It was not related to the bitrate although i’m now changing everything to 44.1 / 1024 just to no longer worry about it. FYI - the reason I couldn’t find rearoute is because I forgot its under AISO.

The fix was to change my interface from the iRig pro over to the internal realtech driver for my laptop. As soon as I did that the audio recorded perfectly. Once I finshed recording I changed back to the iRig interface in reaper and it sounds real good. Finally I can record a modular into Reaper… happy days!

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Hey, that’s great! Now let’s hear some sounds :slight_smile:

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Thanks Omri - Very easy to set using my UR22c between VCV and Reaper although I have a high end laptop. Recording is super fast. This was the missing link!

recently got a UR22C to use in windows. like it a lot.