Bridge between "mapping" modules and cables

I was about to ask this as a question, but while testing, I accidentally found the answer!

Thought it would be worth sharing as a tip.

Let’s say I designed a patch using MIDI CC → CV. A few specific controllers are connected to multiple locations.

If I want to adapt this patch to a mapping-style module such as OSC’elot, I’d have to redefine multiple mappings (one OSC fader → multiple parameters).

It would be nice to create a mapping to one location and keep the existing patching strategy.

My thought was to patch a Manual CV at +10V to an 8vert (easy place to map up to eight parameters!) – but then I found, if 8vert inputs are disconnected, it seems to assume +10V anyway – so then the knob ends up controlling the output level directly, without a need for a dummy input.

Hope that’s helpful.