Argh! I’ve bricked my Beatstep (the small one, not the Pro). Any ideas while I’m waiting for Arturia support? Firmware update failed, and now it’s stuck in bootloader mode, and no combination of computer/USB cable etc will recognise it. :frowning:

See Beatstep under Bootloader mode.
(force bootloader mode: Hold Stop/Play-Pause buttons while powering ON the unit. - then flash using Arturia Midi Control Center).

Thanks, it’s already in bootloader mode. It went into that during the failed update and now it’s stuck. MCC won’t recognise it, it just says make sure it’s not in a USB hub (it isn’t). Most of the web posts I’ve found are for Mac OS, I’m on Windows 10. I’ve tried deleting the MIDI driver, updating/reinstalling MCC etc. It’s dead Jim!