Brass voices?

(Michael Lloyd) #1

Hola.Was listening to Edgar Froese albums yesterday.Threw together an inspired patch.I want “horns” havent been able to create a likely voice.Any ideas?

(Skrylar) #2

From everything I’ve read, horns are notoriously difficult to model. Even some of the professional half-synthesis half-sampler kits run in to difficulties with it.

Sound on Sound recommends putting pass filters modulated by pitch followers, since higher pitches should cut more harmonics out than low pitches with them. FM can get you the “base” horn sound to work from. I haven’t tried playing around with equalizers to bring out bass for larger horns or stacking oscillators.

Here’s a patch I made when experimenting, it sounds kind of brass-y and might get you part of the way there.

bad brass.vcv (23.5 KB)

(Jonathan Moore1) #3

These are the three essential Sound On Sound articles on Wind/Brass instruments. The first starts with the theory and the second two break down the approaches for the most common mono-synths folk owned when the articles were originally published.

(Michael Lloyd) #4

tanks a bunch Jonathan.
ps: I went to the Music Dept at the local college yesterday. Left my name # with the dept head.said had someone in mind to help me get a studio set up properly.should resolve probs. :grinning: