Brand new Rack heavy EP out!

Greetings all you amazing modular people. :slight_smile:

I put out a new EP today, a bunch of tunes that began their life in Rack as multiple patches (and some that ended there as well). Stylistically we’re going in many different directions, fun for the whole family, as it were. :smiley: If you got the chance to pick up one today, it’s Bandcamp Friday, which is really helpful for a poor musician. Rough year, but hey… we’re not dead yet. :grin: Have a marvelous weekend!



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Ohhh. I really like that chip tune falvored samples/tunes in there. How did you create them? All done in rack … or also sampled?

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Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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I think a couple of them were, but it’s mostly from the Plogue Chipsounds. :slight_smile: There’ another 8 bit NES thing that’ll probably end up on the next one (or a video), all Rack modules.