Braids Renaissance anyone?

there is a new alt firmware for Braids. is there some1 to bring it to vcvrack2? sounds quite interesting… thank you!

Braids Renaissance is an alternate firmware for the (discontinued) Mutable Instruments Braids eurorack module.


Braids Renaissance adds the following algorithms to Braids:

  • Software Automated Mouth, also known as SAM. The classic robotic text-to-speech engine originally written for the Commodore 64.
  • Five new diatonic chord algorithms.
  • Five new “chord stack” algorithms.
  • NVRT setting, when enabled, reverses the encoder rotation. This improves functionality on DIY Braids modules that were build with an encoder with inverted signalling.
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The long and short of it is I’ve got it working using the framework for my “Nodi” module… its name is “Contextus”. (I hope I don’t have to mess with Plaits or Braids much more: I’m running out of latin words for them :P)

Now… Braids is a complex piece of kit, particularly when you get rid of the menu diving, and I’m still writing the manual for Nodi, now I have to write one for Contextus as well; also, I’ve been having some health issues, so… it may be a little while before I make a binary release.

Everything is there… except for the inverted encoder option: I’m pretty sure my encoder goes in the right direction (If for some reason someone wants to enable it… it’s not difficult at all).

You can, if you have the ability to compile modules, play with it now! Just download my mutantsdev branch from here:

And compile it.


A piccie, for interested parties. contextus_new