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So I am running a basic module that arpeggiates to a clock… i run that into my audio interface and record into logic… The BPM of the clock is way off no matter what I do.

I have CLKD at 120 BPM hold a chord and get perfect signal and response but the amplified signal plays at around 110 BPM (even as I manually tap out the tempo in a 3rd party)

Am I overlooking something fundamental here? is this inherent in modular synthesis? how do I amend/work around this situation?

I cant find any other posts about this problem which leads me to believe it is a me problem.

my CPU usage is low, my computer runs to a dime. Sample rates match.

Can you further elaborate the signal chain? I would’ve guessed sample rate mismatch between VCV, Interface Logic but you say they match, so I am asking to clarify what happens „after VCV“

Looking at the screenshot, you are using the VCVRack free version ?

Hey, Thanks for the quick responses.

So, I found that not only is the sample rate delegated in the ‘Engine’ Dropdown menu, an option is found in the ‘Audio’ Module under ‘Audio Device’ this has solved my issue.

Are you able to point me to a resource to better understand the functionality of VCV ie Block Size, Sample Rates, Threads etc.

Yeager, you mention using the free version which I am, are there any performance benefits with the paid version.

Thank you

No. In terms of performance Rack Free and Pro are identical. The only runtime difference is that pro comes with support to run as a VST and comes with a few bonus plugins.

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a patch is running when an “audio” module exists and you have select both audio driver and audio device. that’s the first thing to do, otherwise nothing works. block size and sample rate are no different from the rest of the computer music world stuff, set them from the “audio” module. since Rack2 came out it is possible to have more than one “audio” module, but only one can be the “master” audio module.

menu engine → sample rate → auto

performance meters → use some cpu (not that much)

start the patch with 1 thread, and if the audio starts glitching while the patch grows set 2 threads and so on

view → lower framerate → can be easier on the computer

enjoy it! :broccoli:

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I agree that it’s slightly odd in Rack, that you can set samplerate in two differenct places. It’s basically so that, if one wishes, you can oversample the processing of the modules in the patch, but run at a lower/normal rate going out to the audio interface. My advice: Always just have the Engine samplerate (in the menu) to Auto.